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Nonos is a newly established family run restaurant and bar located in King’s Cross, London. Spread over two contemporary floors, we serve traditional and authentic Greek food using only the finest ingredients. We are passionate about recapturing the taste of the Mediterranean by providing fresh, wholesome, and healthy dishes including meze, souvlaki, and gyros. 

At Nonos, we provide a spacious and warm environment for you to enjoy coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts, drinks, and private parties. Freshly made greek food, prepared in the healthiest, most authentic way possible.

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Greek cuisine includes some of the healthiest ingredients one can find hence making it tremendously attractive to most age-groups of consumers globally. Freshness is, in many ways tied to health. We take pride in our fresh ingredients.
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NONÒS translates to ‘Godfather’ in Greek. For us this embodies the foundation of ffamily and generosity – a pillar in both Greek & Mediterranean cultures. We are honoured to share and celebrate this dynamic with our NONÒS family. Our venue is spread across two contemporary floors with our downstairs featuring our exotic illuminating bar.
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A place where you can have something to drink, certainly something to eat and most definitely space to relax, share and enjoy. Begin your journey, by making your way through what we have to offer, the choice is yours, but most importantly… come and soak up the atmosphere.
In addition to our fantastic food, we have a fully stocked bar serving up classic and contemporary cocktails, as well as a range of wines from the Mediterranean region.
Our cozy and stylish ambiance is perfect for a romantic dinner, a night out with friends, a casual lunch or brunch or a large group celebration.
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